Best merino socks upon which you can depend

It’s impossible to overvalue a good pair of socks for hiking. They keep your feet comfy and dry and help avoid hotspots and blisters. We’ve tested the whole range of styles under a variety of conditions. Below are our top picks for full hiking socks in 2022. Our best merino socks are made of Merino wool, which has become the norm in outdoor performance socks and clothing. There is no doubt that top hiking socks are expensive- typically priced between $20 to $25 for a pair. However, all of the choices below are sturdy enough to withstand use on trails and built to last. 

Best Merino Wool Hiking Sock

1. Darn Tough Micro Crew Cushion:

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks Materials: 61% Merino wool, 36% nylon, 33 percent spandex

Cushioning: Light/medium

What we like: It is comfy and lasts forever.

Smart wool was once associated with hiking socks. However, over the last couple of years, Darn Tough has taken over the leading position. With its cozy seamless construction, top-quality Merino wool, and a life-long warranty to protect it, Darn Tough socks are the most comfortable. High-density knits provide excellent cushioning and breathability to any outdoor activity requiring three seasons. Best merino socks fit comfortably, are not too elastic around the forefoot or arch, and won’t clump or cause pressure points. Our preferred model for backpacking and hiking can be found in that the Micro Crew Cushion.

As we’ve seen, every sock isn’t perfect. Our only complaints about Micro Crew are that the cushioning beneath the foot could make the hose feel a bit more humid on hot days, compared to thinner models such as the Smart wool Performance Hike Light below, and the construction results in a little bit of comfort. However, this tells us about the miles we’ve put in using Micro Crew socks (some are seven years or more in age and growing). We haven’t made an abrasion in one of the socks. If you’re a fan of Darn Tough socks but are seeking something more air-tight,

2. Smart wool Run Zero Cushion Ankle Socks:

Smart wool Run Zero Cushion Ankle hiking sock Materials: 46% merino wool, 51% nylon, 3% elastin

Cushioning: Ultra-light

What we like: The light and breathable design are perfect for summer hikes.

What we can’t do: Insufficient cushioning can affect comfort as the miles pile up.

For warmer-weather hiking trails, trail running, or casual wear with sneakers, lightly cushioned socks make sense. With the many ultra-light options available, smart wool’s Run Zero Cushion Ankle Socks are among our top choices. With a price tag of just $20, they offer an excellent snug fit, excellent breathability, and a comfy feeling. Similar to the previously mentioned Performance Hike Light Cushion Crew below, Smart wool added Indestructawool to the socks to boost their durability. The socks will not last long. However, they’re a good option for summer. Run Zero Cushion is a good option for the summer months when you don’t need a lot of cushioning and thickness.

3. REI Coo lmax Eco Made Lightweight Hiking Quarter :

Lightweight Hiking Quarter Socks Materials: 77% Coolmax EcoMade, 22% nylon, 1% spandex

Cushioning: Light

What we like: About $5-10 less than the Merino competition.

What we shouldn’t do: Holds on to stink longer than wool.

Some people aren’t willing to pay $20+ for socks for hiking, and we can also understand why. REI Co-op offers a budget-friendlier alternative to merino wool using the Coolmax EcoMade lightweight hiking quarter. Best merino socks are constructed of recycled plastic bottles, which give you the comfort of a skin-to-skin feel without the environmental burden of polyester. They also wick away moisture, making them an excellent option for summertime adventures where you want a good cushion and support.

4. Balega Hidden Comfort Socks :

Balega Hidden Comfort hiking socksMaterials: 32% Drynamix, 11% nylon, 3% neofil, 2% elastane

Cushioning: Medium

We like them because they are the most low-profile socks on our list. They are very comfortable and comfortable.

What we do not want: It has a Minimal cover and not a single strand of wool.

The socks with a quarter-height or crew design above will cover your ankle and heel; however, no-show designs such as Balega Hidden Comfort are Balega Hidden Comfort ride even lower. When worn with a minimalist hiking shoe (or trail-running shoe) (there isn’t enough space for ankle-high boots), The minimal design is comfortable between your shoe and foot and reduces the bulk. Furthermore, while many medium-cushioned socks get too hot in summer, The Hidden Comfort’s synthetic Drynamix construction wicks away moisture and circulates well (it provides enough resistance to impact those who run on long days or when hiking). Overall best merino socks are also comfortable, fashionable, breathable, and fashionable.

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