Audi PH introduces electric vehicle charging solution with e-Tron models

A few months ago, Audi showed that charging electric vehicles is accessible and easy, alongside its e-Tron models. 

Audi Automotive Philippines has launched all-electric e-Tron vehicles – e-Tron SUV and e-Tron GT and RS e-Tron GT coupe – that also come with electric vehicle charging solutions as part of the company “FutureNow”. 

To start, the local Audi distributor will set up an alternating current (AC) charging station inside an e-Tron owner’s garage. According to international studies, 88% of owners charge their electric vehicles at home, Audi Philippines said in a statement. For added convenience, Audi e-Tron owners can monitor the vehicle’s charging status through a smartphone app. 

Charging the e-Tron 55 Quattro at full capacity will cost between 600 and 1,000 pesos in electricity, Audi Philippines told ZIGWHEELS PHILIPPINES. This results in significant savings compared to charging an ICE-powered full-size SUV. 

With the home charging system, Audi Philippines conducts in-home verification, in collaboration with e-Tron owners, about their preference for the applicable charging location, the company added. 

Another charging solution is the Audi portable charging system, which allows the e-Tron to be plugged into a 220-volt household outlet or three-phase industrial outlet. 

E-Tron owners also have the option of charging the vehicle at Audi dealerships, including a DC fast charging station also used by the Porsche Taycan. 

Audi Philippines has illustrated that e-Tron owners can drink a cup of coffee inside the dealership while their car is being juiced and the car will be ready by the time  (or two) cups are completed. 

Other “FutureNow” charging solutions may also be available in the near future. The Audi distributor said it was in talks with facilities around the country, such as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, to set up “destination chargers”.

At launch, the e-Tron SUV is available in the e-Tron 55 Quattro variant, with a 50 Quattro version due later this year. The e-Tron comes in e-Tron GT and RS e-Tron GT forms. 

E-Tron SUV is equipped with two electric motors for a capacity of 408 horsepower and 664 Nm of pulling power. When fully charged, the SUV has a range of 484 km, as estimated by the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Process (WLTP).

Similar to SUVs, the e-Tron GT models have two electric motors, mounted on the front and rear axles to create a Quattro electric all-wheel drive system. 

As for the e-Tron GT, its engine makes 530hp and 630Nm. Meanwhile, the RS e-Tron GT produces 646 hp and 830 Nm, making it the most powerful production car Audi has ever produced. 

With a fully charged battery pack, the GT can go 500 km while the RS e-Tron GT can go 481 km (according to WLTP tests). 

Through its “FutureNow” program, PGA Cars are leading the transition to sustainable electric systems in the Philippines by offering the  Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron all-electric models. Along with this decision, an increasing number of stakeholders are launching initiatives aimed at providing cleaner transport solutions to the country. 

Megaworld Lifestyle Mall has opened a new electric vehicle charging station at Uptown Mall in Taguig City. The first charging station in a planned network of electric vehicles was announced to announce the company’s partnership with a number of government agencies, including the Department of Transportation (DOTr ). 

In a message given during the launch event held at Uptown Shopping Center in Bonifacio Global City, DOTr Secretary Jaime Bautista noted that the project is a “big step towards green energy”. and adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly practices in [vehicle] and transportation industries.

The new tram facility is conveniently located in Basement 2 of the Mall. Uptown includes two 22kW chargers with sockets for the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron models, which owners can use for free and pay just the usual parking fee.

Major retailers and retailers. The property developer is certainly in an ideal position to provide consumers with access to a network of charging stations that complement the residential and mobile charging solutions offered to Porsche, Taycan and Audi,  Chan said. Chan has workes as the planning director in PGA Cars. In his keynote address at the launch event PGA Cars, partner of Porsche and Audi CarsPhilippines, has provided the all-electric Porsche Taycan since 2020. Starting this year, the company sped up the electric powertrain by introducing the Audi e-Tron SUV, e-Tron Sportback, e -Tron GT and RS e-Tron GT, also all-electric.

Overall, the Porsche Taycan and the Audi e-Tron range are considered the best all-electric models in the premium segment. Model deliveries have more than doubled year on year, a trend reflected in the Philippines. Currently, the Taycan and e-Tron are the best-selling all-electric models locally. 

PGA Cars have invested over 300 million pesos in purpose-built infrastructure and staff development for electric vehicles, with additional spending to further support their adoption. In line with this commitment, the company aims to eventually adopt carbon-neutral processes for its operations. 

To strengthen PGA Cars’ various electric vehicle initiatives, the company is forming strategic alliances with shared visionary public and private sector organizations. 

By establishing the right charging vehicles, companies like Megaworld are helping to create an ecosystem for all-electric vehicles. This demonstrates our commitment to promoting sustainable mobility in the country, as well as ensuring a cleaner future for all. And that future starts now, Chan said.

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