How to install a Wavlink extender using Ap.Setup?

Ap.setup is an offline webpage that can only be accessed once your wavlink extender has been successfully connected to the device, regardless of whether the connection was made wirelessly or wired. WPS is another method that the user can use to configure the new AP extender.

Extender Setup Using Ap.Setup:

  • Simply insert the Extender into the appropriate socket.
  • At this point, you will need to use your web browser to go to Ap.setup.
  • In order to log in to the Ap Setup page, enter your Username and Password.
  • After successfully logging in to the Wavlink extender, you will have the ability to manage and configure your extender.
  • Please contact our support team if you are unable to access http://ap.setup successfully.
  • During the initial phase of setting up your network, the extender should be located close to the router.


Ap.setup is accessible from any device that has a web browser installed, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. You will not have any problems connecting to http://ap.setup if you have already ensured that your device is in control of a repeater and is connected to it. The IP address is the one that can be used as an alternative for the AP Setup page. You can get in touch with our AP support team if you are still having problems connecting with the AP setup web user interface. They are trained to resolve any problems that are associated with the installation of the extender.

Using AP setup, here are the steps to configure your repeater:

  • Plug the extender into a power outlet before turning it on to activate it.
  • Connect your wireless device to a wireless network, such as a wireless N or wireless AC network.
  • Launch a web browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Now, in the address bar, type ap.setup or https://ap.setup.
  • The Ap.Setup dashboard need to inquire about your login information.
  • For any additional changes or configuration, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Ap Setup | Ap Extender Setup | Access point

The AP.setup system is utilised to improve the quality of the WiFi signal in low-light environments. The current WiFi network has been grown thanks to the WiFi repeater system, which has made it possible to repeat the same WiFi network even in areas where there was previously either no coverage or a weak signal. Because each Range Extender supports Access Point (ap.Setup) mode as well as Repeater mode, you are free to use whichever mode best suits your needs.

In order to configure your Extender to function as an access point or AP Setup:

  • In order to complete the initial setup, you must connect the AP extender to a location close to the primary router.
  • After some time has passed, the wifi booster will display a constant green light.
  • Get a Cat5 cable or any Ethernet cable you can find.
  • And then connect the other end of the Ethernet cable or cable to the wireless extender for the AP.
  • Also, the other end of the Ethernet cable should be connected to the primary router.
  • You will be able to tell whether or not the Cat5 cable was connected correctly by observing whether or not the router light turns solid green on the booster.
  • Now, on any device that can access the internet via WiFi, open a web browser and type ap.setup or
  • You have been directed to the page where you can configure the AP range extender.
  • After you have created your Ap Login account, proceed with the installation of the wireless booster as an access point by following the on-screen instructions.

Can’t Connect To AP.Setup?

To access the AP Extender Setup page, please follow the steps that are given below:

  • Simply insert the extender into an electrical outlet to establish a connection to http://AP.setup.
  • After you have established that the power led light is lit on the repeater.
  • Grab a portable device, such as a laptop or tablet, and navigate to the wireless settings menu
  • as well as connect to the default network for the WIFI Extender.
  • Now, launch a web browser of your choosing, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or another option.
  • The AP new extender setup page can be accessed by entering ap.setup into the address bar of your browser.
  • Simply attach the extender to your existing router or modem by following the instructions provided.

Following the steps that have been outlined above, you should have no trouble logging in to the AP installation page. If you are still having trouble connecting the wireless booster, you should get in touch with our trained and certified expert.

Wifi Extender Setup is an independent service provider. Any and all such references are merely for informational purposes. There is a possibility that the brand owners’ websites will also provide the services that we provide.

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