An overview about Lip fungus and the symptoms

Lip fungus is referred to as oral thrush happens to be a condition where the fungus Candida Albicans gathers near the lining of the mouth. In some cases, oral thrush may spread on to the roof of your mouth, the tonsils or the back of your mouth. Though it happens to be a condition that tends to affect everyone but in case of babies or older adults it tends to occur at an extensive level. A cream for lip infection may end up providing relief in such cases. Due to suppressed immune system or people who are into specific type of medications the condition tends to aggravate more. The creams or lotions are formulated in such a manner that they will be able to provide relief in a timely manner.

Ensuring a proper health hygiene

Good oral hygiene is critical in all aspects. It is suggested that you can opt for a soft brittle brush. If you are wearing dentures it enhances the possibility of a lip infection and it is suggested that you change the toothbrush at frequent intervals of time.

The home remedies to get rid of oral thrush

An antifungal cream for lip infection along with lotions or cream can help to get rid of the infection, but there are a few home-based remedies that you can try at your own end.

Rinse with apple cedar vinegar

 Using apple cedar vinegar is an anti- fungal and an anti- bacterial agent. Though it is not going to remove the bacteria completely, it is going to reduce the levels of vitamin C. It is suggested that you need to mix equal amount of water with apple cedar vinegar and then it is suggested that you gargle for around 15 seconds. The moment you undertake it regularly you are going to witness considerable improvement in your overall condition.

Baking soda

 Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has numerous uses. For using baking soda at home, you need to combine with half a teaspoon of baking soda with water. Then swish the solution in the mouth and throw it out. It is a better way to remove bacteria and eradicate the lip fungus.

Lemon grass or lemon juice

Lemon juice belongs to the scented families and has anti- fungal properties. When the question emerges of fighting oral thrush more research is needed on the same. But a study did go on to indicate that a couple of pointers may be effective against oral thrush. You can use this remedy to rinse your mouth.

Onion along with garlic can be of help

The anti- fungal properties of onion or garlic can help to kill the infection that is caused by the yeast cells. It is effective against Candida and prevents their growth. It is suggested that you consume a couple of garlic cloves with water, or you may include both of them as part of your regular diet. This is going to prevent the condition of oral thrush.

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