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There are a lot of online PDF converters available, such as PDFescape. However, sometimes you will worry about the security of your documents when you upload your PDF documents to the internet. So you may want to use a desktop PDF converter such as Adobe Acrobat.Adobe Acrobat is undoubtedly an exceptional PDF converter. However, the pro versions of Adobe Acrobat charge you a hefty fee. So, it’s not a good option to pay for such a PDF editor when you can easily get Adobe Acrobat alternatives for a much more cost-effective price but with the same converting quality. Yes, you heard me right!

UPDF is the best and most solid alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to pay for Adobe Acrobat when you can get UPDF.Also, UPDF comes with OCR technology to ensure smooth and accurate final results. So, if you’ve got some text written on a PDF document or an image, just take help from UPDF’s OCR technology to get it in an editable form in no time!

What Makes UPDF the BestPDF Converter?

There are a number of features that make a PDF converter the best. The primary element of a good PDF converter should be its price tag. If you’re paying a huge fee for ordinary features, then obviously you’ll need to rethink your decision. With a reasonable price, UPDF has all the prominent features that should be your pick.

Let’s discern the traits of the best PDF converter – UPDF:

  • Spotless Conversion

The best PDF converter should be able to produce results in an effective manner without any mistakes. The final output should match the original text. UPDF does it in style. You wouldn’t witness any mistakes in the end.

  • Support for a Variety of Formats

Another important quality of a high-end PDF converter is its support for a variety of formats. UPDF supports almost all formats. You name it, and UPDF would be supporting it. If you’re willing to convert a PDF document to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or even CSV format, you can do it easily through UPDF.

  • The PDF-to-image converter is excellent and easy to use. The common image file types include PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIF.
  • The PDF files could also be converted to Rich Text Format and Plain Text Format. The format then allows easy editing in any sort of text editor.
  • With UPDF, you can also convert PDFs to fully-editable HTML and XML files to enhance the web experience.
  • OCR Functionality

OCR functionality is extremely vital for all paid and free PDF converters. The OCR technology ensures that you smoothly extract text out of an image or any PDF document in order to further edit the document. UPDF’s OCR technology is superb and A-Grade. You can’t go wrong with UPDF’s OCR technology.

  • Original Formatting Retained

Another critical thing about PDF converter is to get original formatting in the final results. Sometimes, the formatting gets disrupted when you use awful PDF editors. However, UPDF ensures the retention of the original formatting.

  • Epic Conversion Speed

The conversion speed should be quick. UPDF has blazing fast conversion speed which makes it a great Adobe Acrobat alternative.

UPDF is More than a PDF Converter

Apart from being the best PDF converter, UPDF has multiple other features as well. want to see how amazing UPDF is? Here we go:

  • Excellent PDF Image & Text Editor

UPDF is an excellent PDF editor having all the major tools to edit text in PDFs. Also, it lets you edit images as well. So, it’s a comprehensive PDF editor and a one-stop shop for all PDF-related needs.

  • Superb PDF Reader & Annotator

The reader lets you view PDF pages like a charm! Plus, the annotating feature ensures that you convey all your thoughts and ideas in split seconds. The tools are very useful and helpful to add comments in the text boxes and sticky notes.

  • Amazing PDF Organizer

After editing a PDF document, you should manage and organize the PDF pages in such a way that you can easily find the pages when needed. UPDF helps you to organize the PDF pages in a very systematic manner. You can position the pages just the way you prefer. Moreover, you can delete the pages if they’re no longer needed.

  • Robust Password-Protect Security

PDF documents are obviously very important to certain organizations and businesses. Hence, the private data of organizations and businesses shouldn’t reach the wrong hands. So, you can always protect the PDF pages through the password-protect feature of UPDF. Nobody would be able to access your personal documents until and unless you allow them to do so.

The Bottom Line

I think your search for a capable, reliable, and trustworthy PDF converter and editor should end here as UPDF is definitely a quality Adobe Acrobat alternative. All the major features of an excellent PDF editor and converter are available on UPDF. So, if you want to add value to your life, use UPDF and you’ll see a definite change. Read more

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