A complete guide when you are about to purchase an emerald

The purchase of an emerald may turn out to be less technical rather than purchasing a diamond. Though the latter is treasured for their brilliance if you opt for emerald buy online the colour assumes a lot of importance. As the question relates to the colour it is better that you go on to choose a website, that provides you with high-quality images. Before you go on to purchase an emerald there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind

The 4 Cs

It is strongly suggested that you are aware of the 4 Cs before you go on to purchase an emerald. Staring off colour is the most important pointer when it comes to the purchase of an emerald. The thing that attracts you when you see an emerald is the colour. It can be vibrant, passionate or dull and sometimes it could be something in between.

Hue would point to the green colour that an emerald goes on to have. Most of the ones that are present in the market tend to be from Colombia and they work out to be a classical version of blush green. The tone is indicated by a stone in terms of light or dark. The natural versions tend to fall in the range of something between very dark and very light. Most people commit the mistake that they may go on to choose something in the range of very dark. Their general feeling is darker the tone it would be better. The most important point of consideration is saturation. It has an important role to play in the purchase of an emerald.

Saturation is the quality that provides intensity and density to the stone. It is something that may range from dull to full vivid. An example is that of a dark stone that could go on to have a boring saturation as there is nothing for you to become excited about the same. But the moment you go on to come across one with vivid saturation you may be drawn to the same. There is a possibility that you could opt for the lighter tone too.

To sum up, things the point of consideration is that a darker tone along with a higher form of saturation grades is going to lead to a higher price tag. But this in no way would mean that you may come across one in a lower price range. Often it is seen that the customers who fall in love with the stone are surprised that the tone is lighter with good saturation. Their natural reaction would be one that I have not come across something with such levels of intense saturation.

The moment you are going to purchase the stone colour happens to be a point to consider. It goes without saying that you should be able to capture a high quality picture of the stone before you intend to purchase the same.

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