9 Reasons Why Premier League is Better than La Liga

Football is one of the most popular games across the globe. It has millions of fans worldwide, and FIFA World Cup is often compared with the Olympics in terms of popularity. Especially in England, where football was introduced, this sport is much more than just a game in Premier League.

The fans run high on passion and travel miles to support their local clubs. So, it is no surprise that English Premier League is often touted as the best football league in the world. But does this claim actually make sense? What makes it better than Spain’s La Liga?

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  1. Tougher Competition

If you look closely at the league tables of the last few years or even go back to a decade, you can find how EPL tables always had been much more competitive. Twenty teams in the EPL always battle neck-to-neck to clinch the trophy. Although the difference in points between the top four and bottom four may seem like a lot, stats do not always portray the true picture. There are hardly any easy matches in EPL, and any minnows can cause an upset on their day. For example, Leicester City clinched their maiden EPL trophy in the 2015-2016 season. Considering that Leicester didn’t have any established superstars and is a mid-level team, this feat was nothing short of a fairy-tale.

However, in La Liga, it has always been a two-way battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Although Atletico Madrid occasionally poses a threat, the real attraction of La Liga has always been El Clásico and usually, either of these two wins the league title.

  1. More Entertaining

We cannot deny that EPL matches are always much more entertaining to watch. The twenty teams in EPL have managers of the highest pedigree, bringing a different style of play that La Liga can never match. One may argue that La Liga often witnesses dramatic scorelines like 4-0 or a 5-0 thrashing. However, that is only because the rest are quite weak apart from the Big 3 Spanish clubs.

If you watch any La Liga games, you will know how open the games are and how easy it is to score in Spanish leagues. However, you cannot afford to take any games a little less seriously. There are numerous instances where the bottom-placed team upsets the league leaders. You can stay on top of the table for six months and find yourself out of the top 4 within a month. Ask any Arsenal fan, and they can tell you exactly what we mean! But for a neutral football fan, this is pure entertainment!

  1. Less Disparity of TV Money

The main sources of income for the clubs are now TV rights and not ticket sales. Broadcasters pay a hefty amount to the Premier League to get the rights to broadcast the games all over the world. However, in La Liga, the clubs make their own deals with broadcasters. Hence, big clubs like Barcelona or Real Madrid always get the best deals and more funds, while others suffer.

A little example will help you understand the disparity of money in La Liga. A couple of seasons back, Real Madrid earned an eye-watering 140 million euros from the TV deal. In contrast, the lower placed Granada earned only 12 million euros. However, in the same season, Manchester City, who have crowned the EPL champions, earned 60 million pounds. Blackburn, who were relegated after finishing 20th, also earned 40 million pounds. Since the disparity between the top and bottom teams is so less, it also makes the fight a lot fairer than in La Liga.

  1. Transfer Activity

Transfer windows are one of the most exciting things in world football. Global superstars move from one club to another, and transfer windows witness a lot of delights and heartbreaks each year. EPL is one of the best leagues when it comes to transfer activities. While La Liga teams rely a lot on their academy graduates and promote them to the first team, English teams always buy the best superstars to compete in the league.

La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona break their banks once in a while to buy superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, or Eden Hazard. However, EPL clubs always engage in high-profile signings each year. This makes EPL a more interesting league to follow. Moreover, EPL gives you the platform that gave us famous rivalries like Roy Keane vs. Patrick Viera, Paul Scholes vs. Steven Gerrard, to Kevin De Bruyne vs. Bruno Fernandes in recent times.

Although this practice of focusing less on the academies makes the English national team weaker than Spain, this certainly makes their league a lot more entertaining to watch.

  1. Talent Distribution

It is no secret that the talent distribution in La Liga is extremely skewed towards only the top three teams – Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. We cannot forget the Galacticos era of Real Madrid or the Sextuple winning Barcelona side when they had all the superstars while other teams relied on occasional individual brilliance.

However, the talent distribution in the English Premier League is much more scattered. There is usually no significant difference between the top eight teams in the EPL. There is no dearth of superstars in the top eight teams, making a more even competition.

The level of competition also gets more intense, with so many elite players gracing the field. This makes them more skilled and adaptable to various pressure situations. This is one of the major reasons why EPL players like Beckham, Nistelrooy, Ronaldo, etc., did well in La Liga. However, La Liga players often struggled to adapt to the extreme physicality that EPL demands. For example, Radamel Falcao or, more famously, Angel Di Maria.

  1. Stadium Attendance

This can be a controversial topic, but usually, the number of attendance in the EPL is far greater than in La Liga. Even the matches between the lower rung EPL clubs draw more attendance than most of the La Liga matches.

Most Spanish clubs have a lower stadium capacity than English clubs. This also points us in the same direction: people visit stadiums to watch the games more in England than in Spain. According to a study, EPL witnesses an average stadium footfall of 30,000 people per match. Conversely, the average footfall in La Liga matches has always been less than 20,000.

  1. Global Coverage

EPL always boasts of hosting a far wider audience than any other football league in the world. English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea have worldwide fanbases, even from desolate places of Asia and Africa. Even teams like Fulham, who mostly finishes in the bottom half of the table, have a surprisingly high fan base from America, where football isn’t much popular.

However, the same cannot be said for Spanish clubs, barring Real Madrid and Barcelona. You can hardly find anyone who supports Osasuna or Getafe in Asia or America. EPL always have been too proactive about marketing its brand. Each year, they diversify into new markets and launch various campaigns to make it more popular in countries where EPL isn’t quite popular yet.

  1. UEFA Coefficients

Historically speaking, Spanish clubs have more European success than any English clubs. Even if we combine the total tally of UEFA Champions League won by English clubs, that will be matched by the number of Champions League won by Real Madrid alone (14). The same can be said with UEFA Europa League, where Seville has won the trophy more than any English club (6 times).

But if we look at the UEFA coefficients, it will show us that the English clubs are always more consistent over time. For example, despite being a top English club, Arsenal has never won a Champions League. Yet they consistently feature in Pot 1 of the Champions League because they reach the knockout stages almost every year. However, barring the two teams in La Liga, none has emulated that consistency.

  1. Standard of Referees

FIFA has its own set of referring rules, and referees cannot deviate from them. Yet, the EPL referees are much more lenient than in La Liga. So EPL gets much more physical than La Liga, which is always a start-stop game.

Summing Up:

It is an inescapable fact that English people invented football. EPL has witnessed a lot of historical and pioneering events in football. From allowing the first black footballer to embracing modern VAR technologies, EPL has certainly made football the beautiful game we know today.

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