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MDTOs agreement with road and prison gangs together the Southwest border to enforce and safe smuggling operations in Mexico and the United States, significantly in California and Texas border communities.23 Gang associates who are US citizens are useful to MDTOs, as they can typically cross the US-Mexico border with considerably less regulation enforcement scrutiny and are thus considerably less possible to have illicit drug loads interdicted.24 MDTOs use road and jail gang members in Mexico, Texas, and California to defend smuggling routes, accumulate money owed, transportation illicit merchandise, which include prescription drugs and weapons, and execute rival traffickers.25 Many of these crimes are fully commited in exchange for funds and medicine, and as a final result, street and jail gangs in the United States have obtained better regulate around drug distribution in rural and suburban regions. US gangs, which usually served as the most important organized retail or mid-level distributor of medication in most important US metropolitan areas, are now acquiring medicines right from the cartels, therefore reducing the mid-level wholesale supplier.

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Gang members serving in regulation enforcement agencies and correctional services might compromise protection and felony investigations and functions, although attaining know-how and education in law enforcement strategies and weapons. NGIC reporting suggests that incarcerated gang users in some jurisdictions are adopting radical religious sights in jail. NGIC reporting implies that national-stage gangs these as the Barrio Azteca, Bloods, Crips, Mexican Mafia, and Norteños are running on a range of Indian Reservations. Although most gangs in Indian Country are disorganized, deficiency major composition and ties to countrywide-stage gangs, and are incapable of attaining manage above substantial geographic places or populations, some are associated in serious crimes and violent routines and employ Indian Reservations to aid and increase their drug functions. In some jurisdictions, Native American gang associates are affiliated with or involved in gang-connected legal action with gang members off the reservation, together with drug distribution, dollars laundering, assaults, and intimidation. In February 2011, authorities in southern California billed ninety nine Armenian Power gang associates with kidnapping, extortion, bank fraud, and drug trafficking. The shared intercontinental border and geography of some Indian Reservations make it conducive to cross-border drug trafficking exercise even though also inhibiting interdiction attempts.