7 Tips for Surviving Online Classes

Online classes have been growing in popularity in recent years. It is no surprise. Online classes allow students to squeeze one more class into their busy schedules, as well as take classes at community colleges for a lower tuition fee or even complete their degrees online.

It can be quite appealing to take an online class. You have the freedom to work on your own schedule, within the constraints of a syllabus, at your own pace, save money, and possibly even finish earlier. It can help you focus on your family, work and traditional classes. Online classes are not for everyone. If you don’t have the right discipline, convenience can easily be replaced by panic.

If you don’t pay attention to your online classes you could find yourself halfway through the semester, 6 lessons behind, or missing the deadline for an essential assignment.

It is easy to be spooked by online classes. This can make your plans to save or get ahead seem less realistic.

There are steps that you can take to avoid these scenarios.

You’ve already taken your first step towards survival. Now, give yourself a congratulation, tell yourself that you can do it and follow these 7 tips to survive online classes.

1. Log in to your class immediately

This may sound obvious. However, understanding exactly what your professor expects can help to make a plan for action that will lead to the highest possible grade. Do not delay. You should not assume that anything important will happen within the first week.

2. Log in to your Class regularly

It can be very tempting to log in early in the semester. Then, plan your schedule and log in only on the days that you have an assigned assignment. As with traditional classes, things could change. There may be an unexpected event that forces your professor to alter the course or you decide that an extra assignment is required. No matter the reason for the change, you won’t be surprised if you log in frequently.

You can set up an alarm that reminds you to log on each day or every few, and then you can stick to the schedule you have established.

3. Your class should have a designated time of the day

Online classes can fit into any schedule. However, online classes can be easily put off if there is something that you prefer.

To keep your classes on track and to motivate you, set a schedule for each course. Google Calendar or iCal can be used to set aside time for coursework and meet deadlines.

4. Get to know the professor

This sounds odd because you don’t meet your professors in online classes. It’s not like they ever see you, but it’s true. They don’t even know who you are.

You can send them an email to introduce you. They will have something else to remember when they grade your work.

5. Ask for help.

It can be difficult for students to know when the class is going to meet. We have already mentioned that professors are still people, even though their classes are online. They are eager to help you get your best grade. A great way to get help is to send them an email or contact them through a message board. Or visit globalhack.org and find one of the best online class helpers.

6. You can use technology to your advantage

You can find tons of study materials on the internet or as apps. Take a look at the many free online coding classes if you are interested in taking a computer science class. Khan Academy will help you with difficult topics such as math.

7. Make friends with other students

You aren’t the only student in your class, even if it seems that way. Reach out to your fellow students and find out if they are struggling with the same issues as you. Perhaps you can start a google hangout group or discussion thread so you can get the help you need.

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