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This is arithmetic. This is beauty and complexity (06/18/13) Imagine looking at a ebook, with anyone you really like, on a Sofa Cloud, built with magnets (06/17/13) Visual Treat: Mysterious and Vibrant Liquid Drop Art (06/16/13) Tattoo with fractal branching pattern (06/15/13) Oh, the horror. From the Kama Sutra collection by Jean-Marc Laroche (01/10/14) Quasicrystal interference sample (01/09/14) “Immaculate Conception” in Catholicism is not about Jesus. Egypt’s Nile River delta night time place-check out. The Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula (09/01/16) Wikipedia has an exciting historic entry titled “Splitting of the Moon” (08/31/16) First human spaceflight was achieved on Vostok, built by the Soviet Union, 1961 (08/30/16) Continued thoughts on the watermelon puzzle (08/29/16) Egypt’s Nile River delta night time room-watch (08/28/16) Video. Bottle backyard garden that was very first planted 53 decades back and has not been watered given that 1972 (05/22/13) Fall in love, with bismuth crystals (05/21/13) The pink cage fungi remind us of geometry and the quest to recognize the universe (05/20/13) For some purpose, the individualized “type letter replies” of Steve Martin make me smile. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai (08/23/16) Path of knight on 3-D chessboard, browsing 512 positions at the time, and returning to get started (08/22/16) New York from the air: Jeffrey Milstein’s bird’s-eye view – in pics (08/21/16) Geometry and the Solomon Islands Sea Star (08/20/16) A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 (08/19/16) What everyday living was like before CAD (pc-aided style tools) (08/18/16) Mysterious giant sphere unearthed in forest divides belief (08/17/16) Math memory aid (08/16/16) Gladiator Maximus Chess (08/15/16) This is how Europe’s borders have changed more than 1,000 several years (08/14/16) It is essentially feasible for a human to operate this round loop (08/13/16) Spider Jewels.

Chaturbate is freemium, nevertheless, so most of it can be cherished for absolutely free of charge in any regard, nonetheless if you’d like much more intimacy with the mannequin, you will have to shell out. 03/01/14) Mysterious alien corpse turns out to be a woman mummified baboon (02/29/14) How to Sleep on the Moon (employing mathematics, of course) (02/28/14) Imagine the pleasure of touring alongside the whole Route sixty six in the U.S. 09/30/13) Ancient Greek gods: the new believers (09/29/13) Flamingos turn out to be sentient, and form 1 composite flamingo (09/28/13) Revenge of the disembodied snake heads (09/27/13) Alien timeline since 1947. Watch our perceptions evolve (09/26/13) A exceptional Russian mineral spar tower (09/25/13) Wow. Within the hive thoughts of a higher-dimensional Lord (Image by Eric Ton) (01/31/14) Avatars support schizophrenics Gain Control of Voices in Their Heads (01/30/14) Some have referred to this as “DMT art” — wheels inside wheels (01/29/14) Sometimes fractal mathematics is like a psychedelic prayer for hyper-dimensional gods (Image by Eric Ton) (01/28/14) Imagine the pleasure of meeting someone who really knew what this usually means: “thagomizer” (01/27/14) Famous SF-creator Philip K. Dick speaks about his penetration into other realities (01/26/14) “The artist is a little bit an odd-duck who has prepared publications on mathematics & drug society.” (Omni journal impression) (01/25/14) The utter thriller of “terminal lucidity” (01/24/14) Be pleased we are alive.

Designing Worlds Episode 259 - New Gallifrey on Vimeo Listen. Dream (11/01/13) German Shepherd pet grows up (animated gif) (10/31/13) 3D printed guitars (10/30/13) Sometimes, the mammal within is like a prayer (10/29/13) Classic novels visualized according to their coloration written content (10/28/13) Sometimes, chalcopyrite is like a poem (10/27/13) Ever wonder what the volume of a 4-dimensional sphere is? (10/26/13) Mysterious stairwell brings about end users to enter the fourth dimension (10/25/13) Scream in awe. ten Fantastical Holiday Gift Ideas for Color Fans (12/19/13) Ectoplasmic Light Paintings by Dennis Calvert (12/18/13) Prying off the surfaces of our minds, to peer beneath the pores and skin of fact (12/17/13) Cubed root (math) (12/16/13) What would it feel like to wander in the biggest cemetery in the world? (12/15/13) How would it experience to search up in the sky and see this? (12/12/13) Sometimes, fractal mathematics can be awesome (12/11/13) Lovely visualization of the place we have been in place (12/10/13) Ever ponder why some YouTubes, like this, “go viral,” having 7 million visits? (12/09/13) Mathematician leaves a idea (12/08/13) Unusual. Reuters and other news organizations have documented thatprosecutors are taking into consideration bringing a racketeering chargeagainst SAC and Cohen in mild of a variety of responsible pleas someformer SAC workforce have produced to working with illegally obtainedinformation.

It’s about sperm/egg union in St. Anne’s uterus (01/08/14) An impression from a weird parallel universe (01/07/14) Sometimes, even fractals can mild up and sing (click on to magazine) (01/06/14) In a parallel universe. It’s constantly a flip of the coin, and it’s not one thing that absolutely everyone can take pleasure in. Can You Now Porn? (02/16/14) Math-genius John Conway’s recipe for achievement: “Always be contemplating of 6 factors at at the time.” (p. Find the other individuals (06/06/13) Can we identify a lot more than fifteen folks in this portray? (simply click to mag.) (06/05/13) “Monster Papertoy font” (06/04/13) Fascinating. Seek geometry & transcendence (05/18/14) Paradox experience (05/17/14) How several persons on Earth could in fact fully grasp the indicating of this complex enigma? (05/16/14) Sometimes, the exotic formulation of Indian mathematician Ramanujan (1887-1920) make me shiver a minimal. Water. Beauty. Geometry (08/06/16) Martin Gardner’s e-book “Logic machines and diagrams” (1958). Free (08/05/16) Map: where by in the environment can you marry your to start with cousin (08/04/16) Pioneering Women of Physics (08/03/16) Abstract artwork by Mike & Madeleine Bülow (08/02/16) Movement Illusion.