7 Principles You Need to Consider When Choosing a Landscape Design

Landscape design is not just about making the space look aesthetically-pleasing. It is also about creating a functional, easy-to-maintain, and functional space. 

When designing a landscape, one has to be methodical. What works in your state? Landscape designers have a lot of knowledge regarding the plants that grow in your state, and whether you can install a fountain in the area. Not everyone can wake up and decide they are a landscape designer and start designing an empty space. 

If you are interested in getting landscape design in Sacramento, there are seven principles you need to consider when choosing one. Keep reading this article as we have mentioned all the details for you. 

#1 Creating a balance 

The first thing a landscape designer works on is creating balance. There are two types – asymmetric and symmetric. 

Landscape designers have in-depth knowledge about these concepts. The same kind of components will be used on both the sides to create a symmetrical balance. But then there is asymmetrical balance as well and it creates a balance using different kinds of elements. 

#2 Having a focal point 

Everyone notices the design of a landscape. It draws the attention of the viewer, so think of something powerful in terms of design. It could be the vibrant colors in the garden or a distinctive shape. Do you want the main focus to be a fountain in the area, so make sure it stands out. 

It is up to you what you want to be the highlight of the garden. When you enter a home, the focal point is the door. So, to enhance the entry point, you focus on improving the landscape of areas near the door. 

#3 Keep it simple 

Everyone loves simplicity! Landscapes should be uncomplicated, uncluttered, and basic. Sure, there are people who like complex designs and elements too. For this, you can opt for an artistic architectural design, extensive lighting, water features, and more. 

But the design ought to be sleek and neat. Nobody likes clutter – not in their life or their garden. A landscape designer will give you a well-defined design. 

#4 Proportion is everything 

The kind of decorations you choose and the plant you use should all be proportionate. All the components ought to be proportionate to create a balance and make the space look beautiful. 

#5 Creating rhythm 

Landscape parts need to be placed at equal distance to create rhythm. You might put some bushes or some plants, so this needs to be placed correctly. 

A landscape designer knows how to create a linear design and that’s why everything looks like it is ‘in place.’ 

#6 Contrast is everything 

Contrast is what gives to your garden. You will see a visible difference in the scenery when you experiment with colors and choose alternating patterns. 

Add two contrasting elements and see how it grabs the attention of the viewer. When a landscape designer works on the garden, they tend to create contrast and harmony. 

For example, they can use warm colors like orange and red. This makes you feel like the object is near you. Then there are cool hues that create a sense of depth. 

#7 Working on the structure, texture, and colors 

The landscape designer knows about attractive sequences. For example, your garden may not look as attractive if you try both a rough-textured and a fine-textured plant. Both of these won’t go at the same place. 

When a landscape designer works on the project, they work on sequence and emphasis. They know how much is too much. It is possible they may use plants to deemphasize or neutralize the architectural qualities. 

Concluding Thoughts 

When the landscape is on-point, the value of your property increases significantly. You have to pay attention to the details, and not try to indulge in a DIY project. 

There are different components that need to be taken care of. You need to have a functional, beautiful, and absolutely durable design. 

Speak to a landscape designer and show them the site they would need to work. Now, choosing a landscape designer can be tricky because there are several. You have to check out the ratings, reviews, and also the existing portfolio of these landscape designers. 

Be sure that you are choosing the right person for the job.

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