7 Budget-Friendly Places to Visit in London

Planning to visit London, yet not aware of how to keep exploring the huge city that is expensive but all can have it sorted out in a good way, being tight on the budget yet want to get the full flavour of the trip is not a bad idea. There are plenty of ways through which the trip to London can be made extremely workable and innovative. The city of London is full of stories and some beautiful places to visit; the artistic structure of London allows people to live through the history of civilization and the monarch system. Although London is highly expensive, there are many ways through which it can be made affordable.

Some tips before visiting London is that to get the oyster card to cut some expenses on your transport, try to get your hotel in the centre of London and not far from the attractions as it will cost high-time because in the afternoon the fare rate is mostly high. With an oyster card, the person can get a 10% discount on transportation via buses, trams, subways, and more. Always pre-book tickets because it gets difficult to purchase tickets at the time of being at that place, and some of the public places that are free of cost still need pre-booking because of the duration and availability of the slots as the tourism is at its peak in London around the clock. Students who are coming to London for higher studies then must visit all the places given below and do not take care of the studies as there is best online help available online like law essay writing UK.    

Museums and Galleries:

Who does not like to explore the museums, history and artistic sits of a different country as it informs about their culture, history, heritage, achievement, and whatnot? To keep it easy and budget-friendly, London has lots of museums and galleries that are either free or have a nominal fee per head. And on pre-booking, additional concessions can be earned, reducing the cost.

One such museum includes the ‘Cinema Museum’, which dictates the history of the cinema from the era of black and white movies to the current colourful movies with a huge fandom. It also executes how the cinematic advancement took place and how the cinematic production tools changed over time. It is a great way to look back at history with fun glimpses. Although entry is only possible on an appointment basis, tourists are advised to must book the tickets or passes in advance.  

Visit an Aquarium:

In London, one of the common attractions is to have a day out visiting some popular aquariums, zoos, theme parks, and whatnot. There are plenty of things to do in London, while being on a trip to miss the chance to visit the ‘Sea Life London Aquarium’ is not a good option. The trip to the aquarium last about one to two hours and has a minimum fee that is quite affordable. The trip to the aquarium lets the visitors explore the underwater tunnel, which is quite an experience and makes them walk over the bridge underneath sharks and can further explore different sea creatures. It is located on the South Bank of London, and it is recommended to pre-book the tickets for convenience.


In London, it is a popular way to make it through the city by boat tours that run across the city. It comes with a budget-friendly option as some boating ventures are free of cost and affordable. Also, uber boats run across the rivers of London, which is an affordable way to travel and experience the city’s delights. Moreover, the visitors are advised to keep the timings checked at loop because boating across the city has fixed time slots, and the person must be there on time. Get with the travel guide and know the times and places to visit. Cruise in the city and discover amazing views that add beauty to the ambience of London.  

Walkie-Talkie building:

It is a garden located on the rooftop on a landmass of 3000 sq. ft and has a wide range of flowers, waterfalls, hedges, wildflowers, and more. The view from the garden at 120 gives a fabulous look to the city and lets people capture the city’s beauty from above. People can spend quality time here, and it does not cost a penny. The location is free of cost for the people to explore this new attraction in London City.

Platform 9 ¾:

A harry potter fan can easily understand what it means. It is located near the King Cross Station in London. It is a place dedicated to the popular movie and novel Harry Potter, where the scene from a movie is visualized and created where people can find all the five houses in the movies and have a magical experience with all the wizardry stuff from the movie. Apart from that, it is a shop. Therefore it is free, and a visit is worth it. Know more about exciting and adventurous places through the essays available online on platforms like law essay writing UK that helps students in their academic journey in UK.

Theme Park:

London is full of attractions, and what a perfect theme park would do with the best affordable prices the Shrek’s adventure land, which is located in the South of London. It is a perfect fit for a family outing, where visitors can get a full-pledged insight into the story of Shrek, with lots of fun activities, theatre shows, games, story-telling, 4D rides and whatnot. It is a perfect way to explore the theme park and to make a day full of quality time. Although there is a small fee per head, people can book the tickets in advance through online portals or websites.

Tower Bridge:

London has a wide variety of bridges; among them is the tower bridge which allows people to explore the breathtaking view of London from 138ft above the water through a glass-made bridge. People can book tickets online, and tourists can also book guided tours. The visit lasted for more than an hour. It is worth taking the trip to London and experience the life representing the chunks of history and modernization and preservation of art and culture and to have fun with all the hidden gems of London and the perk life of London, make the visit fruitful and get tickets booked in advance to spare any inconvenience.


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