6 Skills a Successful HR Manager Must Have

You chose to work in Human Resources because you enjoy working with people. But this is still not enough to become a successful HR manager. There are a number of skills that an HR manager must have in order to be truly successful. Below is a list of six such key skills.


If you think that by choosing HR you will not have to do mathematical calculations, then you are deeply mistaken. Of course, you will not carry out such complex calculations as, for example, in the financial and economic department. But nevertheless, for the qualitative performance of your functional duties, an understanding of the basics of statistical and mathematical methods of information processing is required.


You don’t have to love people, but you do have to show compassion. Every person is different and everyone goes through difficult times in their lives. Employees expect you to listen and understand their problems. 

You can also learn this skill by meeting top HR professionals from across the Globe. One such amazing platform where you can meet HR experts is the CHRO event or conference. Make sure you visit such places and expand your horizon of knowledge.

Legal Knowledge

HR managers in most cases do not have a legal education. However, in order to become a successful HR manager, you need to know labor laws. It should also be noted that the adoption of certain personnel decisions may have certain legal consequences for the company. 

Therefore, knowledge of legal subtleties will allow, on the one hand, to competently build personnel work, and on the other hand, to avoid unjustified claims. You must clearly know the grounds for dismissal of employees, who have “immunity” in case of forced staff reductions, requirements for personnel records, etc.


In some large companies, each employee of the human resources department has one special function for which he is responsible – for example, recruiting, training, or calculating monetary compensation. But in most companies, you are responsible for many tasks at the same time. Therefore, you need to work in multitasking mode: be able to quickly switch from one task to another. Sometimes there are so many tasks that it’s just a “blockage” – use time management.

Understanding The Basics Of Health Insurance

More and more domestic companies offer their employees corporate health insurance as a bonus. Considering that you, as an HR manager, are the main link between your organization and the insurance company in organizing insurance coverage for your employees. You need to understand the basic principles of insurance, the procedure for concluding insurance policies, procedures for applying for medical assistance under insurance coverage, etc.

 And although the call center of the insurance company is always ready to provide comprehensive answers to all customer questions, nevertheless, you must be able to advise your employees on key aspects of the insurance program.

People Management

As an HR manager, you may not have direct reports, but you must understand how to manage people. You will conduct training and train the management staff of your company in the skills of effective people management. In large organizations, the HR director is a key managerial figure, who may have hundreds of HR specialists subordinate to him.

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