5 Ways To Enhance Your Improve English Skills and Vocabulary 

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As per a survey, most students undergo a similar situation when they are asked to deliver an outstanding assignment due to a lack of apt vocabulary.

An exceptional vocabulary is just one essential tool in a writer’s toolbox. Developing this indispensable tool is one of the easiest ways to improve the power of your writing. Spell checker, Apart from that, you would also have countless synonyms in your repertoire to pull out of each challenge every time.

Enhancing your vocabulary need not be as painful or challenging as you imagine. Here are some of the unique strategies that can help you improve your writing vocabulary every day-

Read Every Day

Once you’re out of school, assigned readings and word drills soon become things of the past. The best minds who cater to your urgent requests like ‘Can someone take my test for me?’ strongly believe that you shouldn’t abandon reading. Try reading a well-written and edited article, magazine, essays, books, or news daily. This would help you explore new words and learn effectively how these words can be used in a sentence properly.

Learn Roots

Try to learn the root of words. Most words in the English language are developed from a common root, prefix and suffix, usually with an origin in the Latin or Greek language. Once you learn the root of the word, you will begin comprehending more words that use the same root. Like, -duc- (Latin root word) signifies to lead or to make, such as in words deduce or produce.

Keep A Thesaurus Handy

Use whatever versions you can- print, software, or online. Know keeping a thesaurus handy is quite useful. Whenever you discover a new word, look it up in the dictionary to get its pronunciation and meanings.  

Learn To Audio Podcasts

Listening is a remarkable way to pick up new words. There is a diversity of podcasts on any topic, ranging from motivation to technology. Whatever your interests are, start hearing them. Moreover, certain remarkable podcasts focus solely on learning new words, like 6 Minute Vocabulary or Very Vocabulary of BBC. These episodes cover just one word, its explanation, and usage examples that would provide you with unsurpassed guidance.

Play Word Games

Classic games like Boggle and Scrabble can function as a remarkable yet fun way to expand your English vocabulary. Crossword puzzles can also aid you immensely. If you truly want to be efficient, ensure to follow up rounds of these word games with a bit of note-taking. Keep a list of the words you have learned, and then study that list from time to time.

There are opportunities all around you to develop this significant skill, so spend adequate time listening and reading new words every day. Before long, you would find that your vocabulary has grown to a new level, and writing has easily gained clarity.


An outstanding vocabulary can help you communicate better in everyday life and express yourself in the best ways possible. The better your vocabulary is, the more exemplary your assignments will be. Hence, this article mentioned certain unique hacks that can help you expand your vocabulary but would also help you leave your professors spellbound.

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