5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Logo Designing Company

Starting a new project with a freelancer or an outsourced logo designing company can resemble recruiting a new employee.

Hire the proper people you can trust with your firm’s visual identity if you know you want a fresh logo and perhaps even a great brand style guide.

But how can you tell if a possible logo designer UK is a good fit for your branding design project? What questions should you ask them?

5 Questions to Ask a Logo Designing Company

1.   Can you provide work samples?

Wanting to see a portfolio is like asking for a resume. You can quickly ascertain if the designer is compatible with your business. Also, if they have experience creating logos in your industry. You can tell if a designer is any good at making logos for you by looking at their previous work.

Some designers can offer you a vast range of logo samples, each one tailored specifically to each organization.

Other designers’ work is presented in portfolios that are unified by a single, recognizable art direction. Your needs, personal style, and the direction you want to take your new brand will all influence what you look for.

2.   What is a realistic timeline for the project?

The availability of deliverables is one of the most frequently debated topics between designers and clients. By beginning with realistic expectations, you can avoid subsequent disappointments. You may schedule all other concerns, such as what to do with the finished logo, by setting firm deadlines.

Just keep in mind that your preferred timeline may not always be feasible. To start the conversation on the project timeline and the expected milestones along the way, pose this question.

3.   Do you have any testimonials?”

Testimonials lack visual appeal but are just as effective as a portfolio. Ask for a few testimonials if you want to hear firsthand from a designer’s previous customers.

You’ll be able to determine whether previous customers were satisfied with the customer care and project management they received throughout the design process. You’ll also be able to learn how they felt after receiving the finished product in their hands.

4.   How do you prefer to communicate?

A meeting or phone conversation at the beginning of a project is one thing, but what about communication during the design of the project? Different designers have varying preferences regarding how to interact; some don’t mind sporadic texts or chats, while others can go days without using their phones.

In particular, if you want a more hands-on approach, it is beneficial to inquire about the style and frequency of communication during the process. You might choose to go with a more coordinated designer, depending on your management style.

5.   What’s included?

Even if you’re just searching for a new logo, you’ll still require all of the various logo files at the end, along with guidelines for how your logos, colors, and typography should be used.

You might have to pay for more than just a logo and brand style guide once you’ve decided what will be on the final deliverables list.
You will also need to budget money to have new business cards produced if you decide to create new ones. The same holds true for any further promotional products you would need to order and personalize with your new logo design. You can add these expenses to the designer’s initial price, depending on whether they handle these designs and orders internally or outside.


All of these concerns are unwarranted and may be set at ease before commencing a design project. The design team’s trust in you will grow when you can quickly access the data they need from you. With that in mind, you may be confident that the designers you’ve hired will be able to complete your project successfully.

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