5 Amazing Ideas to Enjoy Navratri in 2022

The celebration of Navratri is commemorated throughout India by worshipping Maa Durga. During this sacred season, people offer their prayers to nine embodiments of Devi Durga throughout the nine days. The tenth day of this promising occasion is Dussehra commemorating the victory of good over bad. Followers keep fasting and accomplish various rituals during this joyful season. People acknowledge that through continuous prayers, Lord Durga will be pleasured and grant her blessings on them. The crowd will also occupy the stores, which is one of the high times when dealers earn huge gains. To know why this day is grandly commemorated in different portions of the country in distinct ways and to get amazing Navratri celebration options, keep reading.

Why Is Navratri Commemorated?

Did you know why Goddess Durga is worshiped with so much enthusiasm on this occasion? Lord Brahma, the inventor of vitality on earth endowed Mahishasura (demon) with the power of being immortal. The gift comes with the circumstance that he will be won against only by a powerful woman. By disrespecting lord Brahma’s blessing, the demon started to threaten and destroy people. To destroy the immortal Mahishasura, the three deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) made Durga. The combat between deity and demon restarted for nine days, and on the 10th day, the demon was destroyed. Thus, the celebration of Navratri provides a universal message of the victory of good over evil.

Extraordinary Ways To Celebrate Navratri:

The Special Navratri Dance:

Two categories of dance are quite famous during this sacred season i.e., Raas and Garba. Garba is a time-honored dance where everyone claps their hands and moves around. At the same time, Raas is another setup where dandiya sticks are utilized while having a dance. You can organize a dance party by calling buddies and families to your house. Attempt to have a dress code to enrich the joyful vibe for each day of this occasion. This idea to commemorate Navratri will be exhilarating, and also it will be one of the exemplary occasions. You can also buy gifts online for your family, friends, and relatives and offer them your best wishes.

Readying Traditional Food:

On every special occasion of Navratri, diverse foods are proposed to Maa Durga to delight and obtain her blessings. Nowadays, most purchase cuisine items from stores rather than preparing them. You can stand out from the others by readying festive foods with your close ones at home. A good time can be well-spent with close ones and a better way of commemorating Navratri. The uniqueness of Navratri food items is that they are not only healthful but also flavorful. A common formula for this season includes yogurt, fresh vegetables, milk, and singhara atta. It is conveyed that garlic, onion, and meat shouldn’t be devoured during this joyful season.

Adorning Your Home:

Unlike multiple other Indian celebrations, Navratri implicates the task of tidying up and adorning the home. It is performed because, during Durga Puja, Maa Durga is thought to visit houses, and so to satisfy her, interiors are tidied up. So, make sure to perform everything properly to greet the legendary goddess. You can buy plants for home decor online to enrich the aesthetic setup of the home. Or else, by utilizing extraordinary Rangoli shades, the adornment can be done. Pursue these best Navratri festival ideas for obtaining the blessing of the Maa Durga.

Organizing Navratri Pooja:

Enthusiasts bring the idol of Maa Durga or a special pot during this joyful season. The adorned pot is named Garba, exemplifying fortune and newborn life. The pot should be honored for nine days and adorned with fresh blossoms daily. In the initial three days, Maa Durga is worshiped for fortune and prosperity, while in the final three days, Maa Saraswati is honored for knowledge. Avoid slicing lemon during Garba is at home, as it is said to be inauspicious. Don’t devour fried foods on these nine days to win against the goal of body and soul.

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Organizing Kolu:

Navaratri is not just about traditions but also many other delighting things. Adornment of kolu is one of the important ideas that can be pursued in this season. It is fascinating and also a great manner of describing fantastical Hindu stories. Kolu is adorned with nine phases on each stair, symbolizing nine nights of the celebration. The stairs can be well-adorned with statues and idols of deities. You can also arrange bhajan by calling friends and close ones to the home. These best Navratri celebration options will be perfect and add shade to this promising occasion & visit this site https://wikipout.com.

Last Words:

Navratri is a sacred occasion commemorated by Indian Hindus by worshipping Lord Durga. Furthermore, they circulate the message of succeeding well over evil at any extent. Now, you must figure out why Navratri is commemorated. Furthermore, the above-given blog must have delivered ideas about beautifully commemorating the Navratri. Pursue clear ideas and make the occasion an incredible one.

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