3 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Poor posture is a very common problem, with up to 80% of adults complaining of back and neck pain. Health experts say that heavy smartphone use, sedentary lifestyles, and long days sitting at a desk are all contributors. 

The good news is, even if you’ve had bad posture your entire life, there are ways to make improvements. Taking baths with bath pillows for tub neck and back support, and doing small exercises throughout the day will help significantly. Making a few minor adjustments in your daily life will also yield positive posture. 

Here are three ways you can get started on improving your posture today.

Take Baths

The best way to ensure good health and posture is to have an effective way to relax your muscles. Baths are surprisingly effective for relaxation. You don’t necessarily need a jetted tub to get the same benefits either. The most important item to have on hand is a bath pillow that supports your back and neck

Ideally, you’d want to spend up to 45 minutes soaking in the tub if possible (I recommend emptying some of the water halfway through the bath, and adding more hot to warm it up). During that time it’s important to have your back and neck supported. Some experts will even say take or leave the epsom salts since it’s the bath’s heat and flotation that provide the benefits. However, aromatherapy is extremely beneficial to one’s overall mood, which can maximize the rewards of a long soak – consider adding the salts or oils that smell good.

Although you can’t do yoga poses while in the bathtub, you can do some neck, leg, and shoulder stretches. Be sure to speak with your doctor about which exercises will work best for your back and posture. Stretching in hot water is very beneficial. This could also be done in a shower, but safety should be emphasized.

Doctors also warn certain sufferers of back and neck pain to be careful when getting out of a tub. When your muscles are relaxed, your body needs time for them to realign so it’s important to use caution so you don’t injure yourself. Overall however, soaking in a warm or hot bathtub can help soothe and strengthen back and neck muscles which promotes good posture.


You can warm up with some bathtub stretches, however it is ideal to do some appropriate stretching after soaking in a hot bath. Your doctor can provide helpful stretches based on your particular situation, but it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Only do what you are comfortable with, and always use caution. Yoga is a fantastic way to stretch and even a beginner can master a few basic poses. 

Yoga strengthens your core, which not only helps your posture, but can make you stand taller, more confident, and even make you look thinner. Stretching and yoga help with your overall body alignment which goes a long way to help improve your posture. 

Be Aware

Taking baths and stretching go hand-in-hand with improving your posture. There are also a dozen little things you can do everyday that can have a huge impact on your posture. The most important thing is having awareness.  

If you are depressed or feeling down, the chances of you walking with a slouch or in a non-healthy way is more likely. So while it may not seem related, stress and negativity do impact your health, so be sure to continue taking care of your overall mental health. On days when you notice you aren’t feeling your best, pay extra attention to how you’re sitting, standing, and walking so that you can avoid additional muscle tension and strain.

There are posture devices that you can wear that slip on like a backpack, but you can also achieve this same effect by developing postural awareness. In order to do this, stand against a wall with your entire upper torso pressed flat against it. Stand there for several minutes, it should begin to feel comfortable. Do this daily if possible until you can do it automatically yourself without thinking or using the wall. 

Another thing you should be aware of is tightening in your muscles. If you can begin to notice and identify where you hold your tension (back, neck, shoulders), you can relax the muscle. When you notice the tension, be sure to complete a few simple stretches to recorrect. 

Stop bending to your electronic devices. One of the most critical changes you can make for our posture is to use your phone differently. You should hold your phone up to your eye level with your hand, and use your other arm for support. 

Taking baths, stretching, and being aware of your tension will go a long way in improving your posture. 

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