3 Advantages of Preschool Child Assessments and Progress Reports

What kind of play and social interactions does your child have at preschool Malaysia ? Does he or she naturally know how to make their buddies feel better when they’re down? How specifically has he or she developed during the last six months? What are the important stepping stones?

All of these queries are of the utmost importance to parents. Child evaluations and progress reports can all provide the answers.

Numerous studies have been done on the importance of parent and family involvement in a child’s formal education. However, we think that parent involvement in early childhood education is just as important, if not more so. In fact, one of the most important advantages of an academically-focused preschool for both children and parents is letting parents play a more active role in their child’s development through assessment and progress reports.

3 Advantages of Preschool Child Assessments and Progress Reports

There is crucial knowledge to be gained at every stage, whether your child is just starting to walk or preparing to enter school. Here are a few reasons why we think regular child assessments and progress reports are important:

It charts the course of your child’s development across all domains. Do you ever feel as though your child is growing up too quickly? If so, you are not by yourself. A record of your child’s development in all developmental domains, including cognitive, physical/motor, linguistic, social/emotional, and learning styles, is provided by assessments and progress reports. Although it may seem like time is passing quickly, progress reports show you exactly how your child has developed over the last three to six months.

It enables parents and educators to collaborate on specific growth methods. Assessments and progress reports enable parents and teachers to concentrate on improving particular abilities or subjects, regardless of whether your child exhibits natural gifting in some areas or has to make improvements in others. Each assessment gives educators and parents a point of agreement to work from when developing a plan to support their kid.

It provides chances for interaction with your child on school-related activities. Progress reports offer new methods for parents to connect school activities with home activities and experiences by explaining the precise lessons their child is learning at school. Assessments and progress reports help you know the specific things your child is learning at school and they provide insights to help you create a holistic learning environment for your child, whether you want to be more intentional about reading with your children before bed or you’re looking for ways to incorporate learning into everyday tasks.

Approach to Child Assessments & Progress Reports at The preschool Malaysia

One of the most beneficial things we can do as an preschool Malaysia ‘s centre, in our opinion, is to regularly update parents on the development of their children. In addition to ensuring that pupils advance, it gives parents the chance to learn about their child’s particular strengths and shortcomings.

Yelaoshr conducts numerous assessments and conferences throughout the year in addition to phone calls and regular communication with parents via our parent communications app. Preschool conferences are held twice a year, in the spring and fall, for children from two and a half years old to kindergarten. A mid-year report is given to parents in January, and conferences with parents of our infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds are also held in the spring and fall.

Contact our staff right away to find out more about the different ways The Yelaoshr School keeps parents interested and active in their child’s growth.

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