2022 Instagram Updates You Should Know About?

This article reveals the most important and latest Instagram updates of 2022 that you must know about.

As one of the most used social media platforms, Instagram has reached 1.39 billion monthly users. That’s remarkable growth for any social-interactive platform.

The developers and administrators of Instagram always strive to provide their users with a unique and seamless experience in viewing and creating content for their entertainment and living. To do so, they continue to improve all the stupid things.

It is vital to provide a stunning outlook, excellent user interface and user experience to uplift users and ensure maximum revenue growth. Social media has become a massive industry for creators to make a living and create jobs.

Let’s say you’re a content creator or digital marketer who’s always looking to maximize the reach and growth of your Instagram page. In that case, this article will help you a lot as it covers the most important updates that benefit you.


Before getting into the details, a content creator or marketer needs to increase followers and subsequently engagement on their social page.

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Before any further delay, let’s get straight to the point, which is to inform you about the interesting updates on Instagram in 2022.

Extended duration of Instagram stories

If you’ve always had something to say all at once on your Instagram stories, this update will be great for you. Now you can enjoy speaking from the heart or giving away important information in your Instagram stories.

Instagram has now forever allowed its users to post and record their stories of up to sixty seconds. Ain’t it great? In a recent update, you get rid of the small 15 second duration allowed for an Instagram story.

Pinning famous and old content to the top

Instagram has now allowed us to pin the most famous, popular and your favorite video or still pin them to the top. You can pin up to three posts horizontally in a channel.

If you’re running a business, this is a great way to showcase any discount offers or any major announcements you’d like your audience to know about in advance.

This feature was available on other platforms, but now it’s worth adding to Instagram because it allows you to showcase one of the best content.

Instagram videos turned into reels.

Now you only see reels in Instagram feeds that appear whenever you open a video. Instagram has been working on turning videos into reels because it looks great, accurate and enjoyable.

Instagram reels range in duration from 15 seconds to up to one minute, allowing you to create magic with several editing tools. You can choose from several effects, put text on the video, record your voice and add music.

Now, with each video, you will have access to all the aforementioned features that Instagram introduced when making reels. As a result, users will create more engaging and subtle videos that will bring a great experience to the viewers.

Instagram Algorithm Update – Everything You Need To Know

It is an essential element that you should know because the growth of anyone’s profile or business depends on the fact that you will act in accordance with the algorithm of social sites to grow and make your content stand out.

All along, the secret has been to crack Instagram’s algorithm. Nevertheless, it was shared by the professionals of the web and told the audience every stupidity of the algorithm, so whoever wants to grow can use whatever is needed.

Instagram promoted posts based on the number of likes, comments, and how many times they’ve been saved. If the total number is more significant, it is likely that your post will jump in the maximum number of sources.

On the contrary, Instagram shows you mostly content that you like and content from people who share the same likes as you.

The more engaged you are with accounts, the higher the chance Instagram will show you related content based on the frequency of your engagement.

And you may see content in the explore section that you never liked, but that’s because the people you interact with are most likely to engage with the content shown in the explore section.

As a result, if you engage with a particular type of content, Instagram will show you related content and content from those you interact with.

Option to search on the map

Instagram has done a fantastic job of adding a map search option to the search engine. It’s similar to the Google Maps search option where you can find places in and around you.

If you search for a business name, Instagram lets you see their locations and related public search posts on the page. However, this option proves that Instagram owners want to optimize it as much as possible.

The hidden likes feature is now optional.

Unlike other social platforms, Instagram has allowed you to hide your likes. Initially, it wasn’t optional for you to decide if you could hide your likes or not.

But now it is voluntary for good; now you can decide whether you want to view your total likes publicly or not. If you want to hide likes, you can turn it on by clicking on the top right corner of the post and selecting hide likes.

New stickers are here.

Interactive stickers on Instagram stories look great, making them more engaging and fun.

Interactive stickers have been around for a long time, and now there are new ones added to the store.

If you click on the search bar at the top of stories and search for any word relevant to the content of your story, you’ll see several sticker options available to you.

All you have to do is find the relevant and most entertaining ones.

We’ll end it here

Instagram is becoming more user-friendly day by day, providing its users with great experiences and updated features that make using Instagram not only fun, but also easy and straightforward to communicate with other people around the world.

Social sites have become pressured to be optimized and equipped with more features. Almost 80 percent of the total population worldwide tend to use these social media platforms, so they must provide new and significant updates.

This article was about introducing the hot features that Instagram updated in 2002 and ending it right here with the great hope that it has given you all the important insights that you have been looking for.

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