10 Ways to Uplift Your Essay Writing Skill

Have you often heard how great your ideas in an essay were? However, have you also heard that you could be better at expressing them? Well, you aren’t the only one.  I feel with every passing time you should polish or upgrade your essay writing skill.

Essays can make or break your career so it’s essential that you focus on building on this skill with every now and then. Nothing strikes fear into a writer’s heart quite like being asked to write an essay again. When conveying a message through your essay, factors like clarity, persuasiveness, accuracy and several other elements plays a vital role.

When we talk about improving writing style, write my assignment we do not just mean getting better in spelling and grammar. It is beyond that. You need to push yourself constantly to bring more new flavours in your essay writing.

So if you are looking for ways how you may influence the quality of your essay writing skill, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Read what you wish to write

If you are on the verge of writing a creative story, consider reading stories that inspire your creative side. Consider reading humorous short stories if you wish to work on your humorous writing style. Consider reading a few books and then taking notes on how they can be structured. Be attentive to what makes them look good, and consider what you wish to emulate. You may also ask your professor to give you successful pieces from past students that help you refer.

Consider making reading to be a part of your everyday life. Everyone is not an ardent reader and if you are one of them, consider starting to work on topics that you find interesting.

  • Review the basics of grammar

Spelling and grammar are considered to be the foundation of good essay writing. It helps you communicate your ideas through your essay with professionalism. You will be able to keep closer attention to the details of your essay writing. As a result, your essay writing will become easier to understand.

Understanding when and how to use semicolons, punctuation, colons, and em dashes can help you discover new ways of structuring sentences and improving your essay writing. If you are planning on strengthening your grammar and spelling, consider taking up Elements of Style by E.B. White and William Stunk, a staple among writers.

  • Get yourself familiar with common fixes

Ensuring that a portion of text is grammatically correct is not enough. With some polish, you can make it more interesting and dynamic. Few ways you may sharpen your essay writing:

  • Avoid using passive voice
  • Prefer using strong verbs
  • Get rid of unnecessary words
  • Consider the length of sentences
  • Replace clichés with original phrasing
  • Join a writing workshop

People fear talking out their souls in a room full of strangers. If you are also someone like that, joining a workshop might be useful and a fun experience. You can meet like-minded writers also on sites like Meetup or Linkedln.They can be excellent motivational factors and steering wheel for your career.

  • Create a solid outline

Creating an appropriate outline is one of the best ways to upgrade your essay writing and learn to write fast. It will help you organise information easier and help you identify what should be included or excluded before you start writing your essay paper. An outline can be a roadmap that will help you write your essay effectively and quickly. The more effort and time you put into your essay writing, the actual essay paper becomes better. An outline makes it easier for readers to connect one idea to another.  

  • Dissect essay writings your admire

Have you ever asked yourself why certain essays or blogs you find admirable or appealing? It’s time to get to the bottom of this. So, if you want to get an answer to the question or wish to write at least half as good as it is, dissect the writing to get a closer look into what you find to be most intriguing in writing. Highlight those sentences, phrases, or even paragraphs that move you or you find it an excellent writing stroke. Let them be your inspiration for your essay writing.

  • Ensure to edit the work ruthlessly

Become your own harshest critic. Editing takes years to hone and is a tough skill, especially for writers in the beginning stage. You need to provide immense effort and time into your writing. Make sure to take out extraneous words from your writing. You need to be tough on yourself to understand when you require deleting or reworking something.

  • Get yourself a study buddy

Getting someone for your essay will give you clarity and more confidence in your essay writing. Before putting it on the paper, you can discuss and discuss what you wish to include. This way, you can put across your ideas more clearly. All you need is a good pair of ears focused on their studies.

  • Get feedback

It can get intimidating to get feedback on your work. You were just practicing writing, so you have not put in much work hours and are thus afraid of asking for feedback. But the whole point of receiving feedback is to ensure you are moving in the right direction. How are you going to improve your writing without getting feedback? You can ask for feedback from professors or teachers to share some comments on the essay writing. They will be thrilled to guide you and recommend whatever you can to improve your essay writing.

  1. Build your vocabulary

When you have a good vocabulary, it makes your essay writing impactful and stronger. Try practicing from online exercises to boost your vocabulary. However, avoid picking the biggest or hardest word just to sound smart. Being wordy or using inflated language can really make your essay writing less impactful. Good essay writing is about ensuring it is clear and concise, so pick the word that best suits the situation.

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As you continue to grow with time, your essay writing must also grow and match the latest trends. Your essay writing needs to be outstanding to get across to your readers. Pay attention to the growth curve in your essay writing, and you will surely reach the goal you wish to attain. Following certain strategies will surely enhance your essay writing abilities.

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