10 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Successful Small Business Team

Starting one’s own business is a dream for many people offering capital, creativity, and independence. Anyone can start a small business. You fill out the necessary paperwork and a few forms, acquire some permits and licenses, advertise it a little bit, and are ready to call yourself a business owner. Building and maintaining an entire business is, though, a whole different story. In this article let’s look at the tips for building and maintaining a successful small business team.

While small businesses can implement the management plans used in larger corporations, they might encounter more challenges. Why is it that some companies grow and glow while most end up closing down? Several factors can affect the building of a successful business – internal and external. But there is one factor that can be handled to determine the growth of a small business team- hiring the right people.

Draft a Business Plan

In this digital age drafting a business plan is easier than ever. Whether you’re creating a formal business plan or simple documents of goals, workflows, or any other tasks, these thoughts need to be written down. Create a live copy and store it in the cloud. A well-planned document with a detailing of your business plan allows for consistency and collaboration. 

Stay Organized and Flexible

Your working environment directly impacts your productivity. Time management and proper documentation can create the difference between boom and bust. How flexible you are with your team can result in a creative and motivating workspace. Follow the below-mentioned tips to work in an orderly manner to get favorable results. 

  • Plan Ahead
  • Set and Keep Deadlines
  • Get an Online Calendar
  • Ask Your Team to Take Notes During Meetings
  • Hire an Amazing Assistant
  • Devote Certain Days to Certain Tasks

Embrace Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are highly essential when starting to create a successful small business team. Organizations that embrace diversity are operating more cohesively with improved internal relations. Diversity is nothing but a variety of ways. Your team members who come from different backgrounds have different ways of accomplishing things. 

In more specific terms diversity includes age, gender, race, geographical location, learned characteristics from life experiences, and communication styles. When you try to look at the benefits of diversity in the workplace, it becomes clear how much really important it is. It can also help you address concerns that your customers may have and fill that need. A list of benefits you get when you support diversity:

  • More Innovation and Creativity
  • Happier Employees
  • Increased Productivity
  • Understanding With Your Customers
  • More Talents to Choose From
  • Higher Revenue

Hire the Right Team

Businesses thrive and die on the strength of their team members – especially in the early stages. When building a successful small business team, search for people who genuinely care about the business’s success and aren’t just looking for a job. Another quality to notice apart from their skill set is, whether they are passionate about their field or not. You’re going to encounter people who will not appreciate the chance of working in a unique culture and watching the business grow. Look for quality candidates by distributing a customized form with different questions for each job application. 

Share Your Goal With Your Team

A successful small business team is always aligned by shared goals and culture. More than 50% of employees believe a strong company culture with a shared vision is the key to business success. Your team will feel more connected when you share your vision with them – why did you start in the first place? What are the goals you aspire to achieve in a year? Values that are more connected with your company’s vision often create a more persuasive and authentic team culture. 

Be Transparent and Communicate Effectively

Always communicate the real state of business progress, frequently and transparently. Trust your employees enough to have a glimpse of how the organization is doing financially. A team that trusts each other and its leaders are bound to achieve success. Remote working is the new normal. This means a new kind of communication and management is required. Coordinating in different time zones, overcoming different cultures, and information silos are the few communication issues remote teams are facing. 

To communicate productively with your small business team,  go with a credible tool – Picktime. Picktime is an online meeting room booking software. You can use Picktime to schedule meetings 24×7 at multiple locations. Picktime is a real time saver tool with its integrations, user management, email chat support, and fully customizable services. It’s packed with features for every business need.

Picktime has a user-friendly UI and is supported by all devices. Picktime can also handle your payments and invoice generations, with a detailed report of your business activities. To get to know more about Picktime plans and services sign up for free today!

Offer Benefits for Staff

Who here doesn’t like getting appreciated and acknowledged? And how can you show your small business team they’re appreciated for their efforts? By giving them benefits. One of the key parts of building a strong team is to make them feel incentivized. When deciding on your budget and hiring the team, factor in how much the budget will cover employee benefits. After that decide on the type of benefits you’ll offer. 

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Retirement Plans
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacations
  • Time Off for Voting

Implement the right tools

With remote work, the number of apps and product solutions has grown immensely. Identify and use the tools that can help in optimizing your business. Automation for repetitive tasks can save time and resources. Use CRM to handle all your sales and marketing. When selecting, look for how much value it is going to provide. Ensure it’s easily scalable and should fit in your budget.


No, we’re not promoting Cadbury but they do have a point. 

Celebrate all the accomplishments with your team. You couldn’t have accomplished this place in the market on your own. Work anniversaries, a sales victory, genuine positive feedback, obtaining a certain number of customers, and without even realizing it soon you will be celebrating a massive success with your team. Celebrate the person you all are, individually. Remember, diversity? Celebrate the person they are, and what they bring to the table. Celebrations create a positive atmosphere to share with your small business team.

Acknowledge Your Team’s Weaknesses

Don’t forget that every winning business team with strengths has weaknesses as well. In every organization, each team member has a unique skill set. While hiring if you search for people with no flaws, you’ll either end up disappointed or without a team. Instead, acknowledge both of the characteristics.

It’s important to identify your team’s weaknesses and pair them with specific tasks so that they will have a chance to learn as well. Matching teams in a way where members excel and support each other can keep your team’s morale high. 

If you’re going through the above-mentioned tips and realize you have some gaps to fill, it’s time to start thinking about it. The tips for building and maintaining a successful small business team can help in finding global talent and discovering innovative minds.

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